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HJ Javelin

American sounding rocket. NASA/Canadian four-stage sounding rocket could reach altitudes of 850 km.

Status: Retired 1977.
Gross mass: 1,700 kg (3,700 lb).
Height: 9.10 m (29.80 ft).
Diameter: 0.58 m (1.90 ft).
Thrust: 365.00 kN (82,055 lbf).
Apogee: 100 km (60 mi).
First Launch: 1977.06.06.
Number: 1 .

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Associated Countries
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  • Honest John Unguided single-stage solid-propellant US Army missile developed by Douglas Aircraft. It was later used as the booster stage for a range of sounding rockets, test vehicles, and targets. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Aerojet American manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Aerojet, Sacramento, CA, USA. More...

Associated Launch Sites
  • Poker Flat Sounding rocket launch site. In use from 1969 to present. Poker Flat Rocket Range (PFRR) contains five major launch pads. Pads 1 and 2 each have a 7.5K launcher, pads 3 and 4 each contain 20K MRL launchers, and pad 5 contains a 4K twin boom launcher. Pad 3 is equipped with a moveable launcher enclosure which can be used to protect a rocket on pad 3 and workers from the severe winter weather. More...

Associated Stages
  • HJ Nike-1 Solid propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 1,900/954 kg. Thrust 365.00 kN. Rocket motor originally developed for the Army Honest John tactical missile. In sounding rocket applications the interstage adapter was bolted to the front of the Taurus and consisted of a conical shaped adapter which slip-fit into the second stage nozzle, thus providing for drag separation at Taurus burnout. Each Taurus fin was 0.46 square meters in area. Normally, the fins were canted to provide a two revolutions per second spin rate at Taurus burnout. The weight of the booster system is 3005 pounds. More...

HJ Javelin Chronology

1977 June 6 - . 22:34 GMT - . Launch Site: Poker Flat. LV Family: Honest John. Launch Vehicle: HJ Javelin. LV Configuration: HJ Javelin TE720.93-1.
  • Ballistics test - . Nation: USA. Agency: DNA. Apogee: 300 km (180 mi).

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