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Chinese sounding rocket. Lightweight single stage solid propellant sounding rocket. Used for routine measurement of the upper atmosphere.

Payload: 3.00 kg (6.60 lb) to a 60 km altitude or 2 kg to 90 km altitude.

Status: Out of production.
Gross mass: 60 kg (132 lb).
Payload: 3.00 kg (6.60 lb).
Height: 2.30 m (7.50 ft).
Diameter: 0.16 m (0.52 ft).
Apogee: 60 km (37 mi).

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  • T-7 China's first sounding rocket and first indigenously-built sounding rocket, launched from 1960-1965. The basic vehicle consisted of a single liquid propellant stage. This was later augmented with solid propellant booster stages. Later versions dispensed with the liquid propellant stage. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Shanghai Chinese manufacturer of rocket engines and rockets. Shanghai Institute of Electro-mechanical Design, Shanghai, China. More...

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