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Hybrid Test Rocket

American sounding rocket.

Success Rate: 100.00%. Launch data is: continuing.

Status: Active.
Gross mass: 500 kg (1,100 lb).
Height: 10.60 m (34.70 ft).
Diameter: 0.25 m (0.82 ft).
Apogee: 30 km (18 mi).
First Launch: 2007.05.03.
Number: 1 .

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Associated Countries
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Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Nammo Norwegian manufacturer of rocket engines and rockets. Nammo Raufoss AS, Norway. More...

  • McDowell, Jonathan, Jonathan's Space Home Page (launch records), Harvard University, 1997-present. Web Address when accessed: here.

Associated Launch Sites
  • Andoya Andoya Rocket Range (ARR) is the world's northernmost permanent launch facility for sounding rockets and scientific balloons and is responsible for all scientific-related balloon and rocket operations in Norwegian territory. ARR provides complete services for launch, operations, data acquisition, recovery and ground instrumentation support. The range has conducted more than 650 rocket launches and hosted scientists and engineers from more than 70 institutes and universities. More...

Associated Stages

Hybrid Test Rocket Chronology

2007 May 3 - . 10:50 GMT - . Launch Site: Andoya. Launch Vehicle: Hybrid Test Rocket.
  • HTR Technology test - . Nation: USA. Agency: Nammo; ARR. Apogee: 30 km (18 mi).

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