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Indian Advanced Technology Vehicle consisting of a solid propellant booster first stage and a scramjet second stage. The booster burned for 120 seconds to take the scramjet to an altitude of 46km and a speed of Mach 6, at which point the scramjet would ignite.

First Launch: 2010.03.03.
Last Launch: 2010.03.03.
Number: 1 .

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IATV Chronology

2010 March 3 - . 03:00 GMT - . Launch Site: Sriharikota. Launch Vehicle: IATV. LV Configuration: ATV ATV-D01.
  • ATV-DO1 Scramjet - . Nation: India. Agency: ISRO. Apogee: 46 km (28 mi). The booster accelerated the passive scramjet to Mach 6 and sustained Mach 6 +.05 and dynamic pressure (80 + 35 kPa) for seven seconds. These conditions were required for a stable ignition of an active scramjet engine combustor module, planned in the flight of ATV-D2.

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