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Kappa 10S

Japanese sounding rocket. Three stage vehicle consisting of 1 x K420H + 1 x K420(1/3) + 1 x K10S

Height: 10.00 m (32.00 ft).
Diameter: 0.42 m (1.37 ft).
Apogee: 750 km (460 mi).
First Launch: 1965.08.28.
Number: 1 .

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Associated Countries
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  • Kappa The Kappa series represented Japan's first large post-war indigenously-developed sounding rockets. They led eventually to the Lambda and Mu solid rocket satellite launchers. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • ISAS Japanese agency overseeing development of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan. More...

Associated Launch Sites
  • Kagoshima Japanese launch center for solid fueled sounding rockets and satellite launchers. Limited to two months a year due to disturbance of local fisheries. More...

Associated Stages
  • Kappa 10S-1 Solid rocket stage. 110.00 kN (24,729 lbf) thrust. Mass 1,200 kg (2,646 lb). More...

Kappa 10S Chronology

1965 August 28 - . 02:02 GMT - . Launch Site: Kagoshima. LV Family: Kappa. Launch Vehicle: Kappa 10S. LV Configuration: Kappa 10S K-10S-1.
  • Electron temp Ionosphere mission - . Nation: Japan. Agency: ISAS. Apogee: 742 km (461 mi).

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