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Unidentified American expermental silo-launched interceptor missile, probably the Sprint II concept.

According to some sources, the LIM-100 designation was not used to avoid confusion with target drone conversions of surplus F-100 fighters. Another version is that the Department of Defence Designation was allocated to but not used for the Sprint II, an uprated version of the Sprint anti-ballistic missile considered in 1972.

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On 27 October 1972, the designations XLIM-99A and XLIM-100A were reserved by the U.S. Army for unidentified missiles. Unfortunately no further details are available, but the reservation was apparently not followed-up by a formal request for nomenclature allocation (see the LIM-99 page for a brief discussion about which missile projects might have had reserved the numbers 99-100).


The missile project, for which the LIM-100 designation was reserved, has not been identified so far.

Main Sources

[1] Department of Defense Missile Nomenclature Records

AKA: LIM-100; Super Sabre.
Status: Cancelled 1975.

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