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Ukrainian orbital launch vehicle. New family of modular medium-sized launch vehicles proposed by the Ukraine in 2005. No known development or production funding was forthcoming.

The Mayak launch vehicle family used common rocket engines, control and measurement systems, ground support equipment and other components based on a rational combination of technical solutions from both existing launch systems and those under development. Application of proven industrial processes and operation technologies would assure high reliability, safety and competitive cost for the entire transportation system in the global launch services market. The Mayak launch vehicle family was designed basing on the existing Zenit- and Tsyklon-type launch vehicles. The main vehicles in the family (Mayak-12 Mayak-22 and Mayak-23) were designed to be tandem rockets. Adding strap-on boosters to these launch vehicles could expand the family.

All stages used liquid oxygen/kerosene propellants. Evidently tankage and tooling for the Tsyklon and Zenit booster series were used. First stage engines were either versions of the RD-191/RD-180 family or new liquid oxygen/kerosene derivatives of storable propellant engines used on the R-36M missile series. Upper stage engine was evidently an improved version of the RD-58 used in the Zenit-3SL. Specifications were as follows:

  • Mayak-12: 130 tonne lift-off mass; 2 stages; 33.4 m long, 3.0 m in diameter; first stage thrust 176 tonnes, second stage thrust 9 tonnes.
  • Mayak-22: 250 tonne lift-off mass; 2 stages; 38.0 m long, 3.9 m in diameter; first stage thrust 352 tonnes, second stage thrust 9 tonnes.
  • Mayak-23: 320 tonne lift-off mass; 3 stages; 46.4 m long, 3.9 m in diameter; first stage thrust 440 tonnes, second stage thrust 101 tonnes, third stage thrust 9 tonnes.

Status: Design 2005.
Gross mass: 320,000 kg (700,000 lb).
Height: 46.40 m (152.20 ft).
Diameter: 3.90 m (12.70 ft).
Thrust: 4,310.00 kN (968,920 lbf).

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