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Russian intercontinental ballistic missile. 'Sealed unit' liquid propellant ICBM proposed by Reshetnev in 1960.

In the spring of 1959 a resolution authorised construction of a new missile factory, Factory 1001, at closed facility Krasnoyarsk-26, actually 70 km from Krasonyarsk. The design team was originally Filial 2 of Korolev's OKB-1, with Reshetnev in charge, and the facility was to be devoted to production of the R-9 ICBM. In 1960 Reshetnev proposed his own design for an 'ampulised' ICBM, in competition with the designs of Yangel and Chelomei. However the first missile produced at Factory 1001 was Yangel's R-14, and the engineering team under Reshetnev became responsible for production engineering and space launch derivatives of the R-14. Accordingly the leadership felt they had their hands full with these priority projects, and development of the Reshetnev's MBR was never authorised. In 1961 this filial was made into an independent design bureau, OKB-10. No technical details available on the design.

Location: Krasnoyarsk-26.
Status: Cancelled 1961.

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  • Reshetnev Russian manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. Reshetnev Design Bureau, Krasnoyarsk-26/Zhelenogorsk, Russia. More...

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