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Russian sled-launched winged orbital launch vehicle. Sled-launched single stage to orbit vehicle with air-breathing propulsion to Mach 5 (subsonic combustion). The sled would accelerate the launch vehicle to Mach 0.8. Propellants wer slush hydrogen and liquid oxygen. The vehicle would have a 3000 km cross-range on re-entry.

LEO Payload: 9,000 kg (19,800 lb) to a 200 km orbit at 51.00 degrees.

Status: Study 1993.
Gross mass: 300,000 kg (660,000 lb).
Payload: 9,000 kg (19,800 lb).
Height: 54.10 m (177.40 ft).
Diameter: 19.70 m (64.60 ft).
Apogee: 200 km (120 mi).

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