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Nova MM R10R-2

Nova Model R10E/R10R
Nova Martin Marietta Model R10E-2 / R10R-2
Credit: © Mark Wade
American heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle. Reusable version of most exotic Martin Nova vairant; single stage to orbit, 30 cd module air augmented engines in annular shroud. Operational date would have been October 1980.

Martin Marietta's "Renova" design featured rocket engines enclosed in an air duct equipped with adjustable inlets. The conical payload fairing would serve as an inlet spike during the ascent through the atmosphere. The air (which is heated by the rocket exhaust) would contrubute additional thrust as it expands past the plug-shaped afterbody. The inlets would be closed after leaving the atmosphere.

LEO Payload: 423,000 kg (932,000 lb) to a 185 km orbit.

Stage Data - Nova MM R10R-2

  • Stage 1. 1 x Nova MM R10R-2. Gross Mass: 8,647,000 kg (19,063,000 lb). Empty Mass: 1,361,000 kg (3,000,000 lb). Thrust (vac): 140,539.000 kN (31,594,424 lbf). Isp: 620 sec. Burn time: 310 sec. Isp(sl): 620 sec. Diameter: 21.30 m (69.80 ft). Span: 43.70 m (143.30 ft). Length: 49.30 m (161.70 ft). Propellants: Air/Lox/LH2. No Engines: 40. Engine: CD Module. Status: Study 1963. Comments: Operational date would have been October 1980. Recoverable stage. Air-augmented plug nozzle.

AKA: Renova.
Status: Study 1963.
Gross mass: 9,154,600 kg (20,182,400 lb).
Payload: 423,000 kg (932,000 lb).
Height: 59.00 m (193.00 ft).
Diameter: 21.30 m (69.80 ft).
Thrust: 140,540.00 kN (31,594,640 lbf).
Apogee: 185 km (114 mi).

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Associated Engines
  • CD Module Notional lox/lh2 rocket engine. 7361 kN. Study 1969. Isp=420s. CD Modules - conceptual engines of various thrusts, according to design - were clustered in Martin Marietta Nova designs More...

See also
  • Nova Nova was NASA's ultimate launch vehicle, studied intently from 1959 to 1962. Originally conceived to allow a direct manned landing on the moon, in its final iteration it was to put a million-pound payload into low earth orbit to support manned Mars expeditions. It was abandoned in NASA advanced mission planning thereafter in favor of growth versions of the Saturn V. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Martin American manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Martin Marietta Astronautics Group (1956), Denver, CO, USA. More...

Associated Stages
  • Nova MM R10R-2 Air/Lox/LH2 propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 8,647,000/1,361,000 kg. Thrust 140,539.00 kN. Specific impulse 620 seconds. Operational date would have been October 1980. Recoverable stage. Air-augmented plug nozzle. More...

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