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Russian surface-to-air missile. Original version of the S-300 system for the PVO Air Defence Force using the 5V55R missile

Maximum target speed, 3 km/sec. Reaction time 28 seconds. 5 minutes time to set-up or depart launch site for shoot-and-scoot. 24 targets can be tracked, and four missiles guided simultaneously to 4 seperate targets. 96-192 missiles per firing unit depending on mix of models.

A system on the march consists of the following vehicles:

  • 40V6M/M1/M2 mast assemblies for HF and TTR
  • ChMAP/5P85-1 semi-trailer with 4 missile tubes for S-300P
  • F-9 shelter unit for radar operators (S-300P/PM)
  • 5P85T trailer (towed by KRAZ-260 truck) with 4 missile tubes for S-300PM
  • 5P85SU TEL with 4 missile tubes and command post for S-300PMU
  • 5P85DU TEL with 4 missile tubes for S-300PMU
  • 1T12-2M site survey vehicle
  • 5T58 missile transport vehicle
  • 22T6 loading vehicle
  • Baikal-1 command vehicle
  • 30N6 mounted on MAZ-543M heavy truck for S-300PMU

Radars: 36D6 Tin Shield early warning radar, E/F band, range 165 km. 64N6 Big Bird target acquisition radar, E/F band, range 300 km. 5N63 Flap Lid A target tracking radar, I/J band, range 200 km.

Standard warhead: 133 kg (293 lb). Maximum range: 47 km (29 mi). Minimum range: 5.00 km (3.10 mi). Floor: 25 m (82 ft).

AKA: SA-10; V-500; Grumble; S-300P; 48N6.
Payload: 133 kg (293 lb).
Apogee: 30 km (18 mi).

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  • Russian SAMs and ABMs Perhaps no missiles ever produced had as much historical influence as the surface-to-air missiles of the Soviet Union. Originally conceived to provide a defence against the American bomber fleets of the early Cold War, they decisively affected the turn of events when they shot down American U-2 reconnaissance aircraft over Russia and Cuba. Soviet-provided missiles accounted for a hundred American aircraft over North Vietnam and set the terms of the air battle. A new generation of missiles presented a huge technological surprise and took an awful toll of Israeli aircraft in the 1973 war. To this day, Russian surface-to-air missiles provide the only defence available to most countries against American bombers, and Russian man-portable anti-aircraft missiles are a major part of the terrorist threat. More...
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Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Almaz Russian manufacturer of rockets. Almaz Design Bureau, Moscow, Russia. More...
  • Grushin Russian manufacturer of rocket engines and rockets. Fakel Machine Building Design Bureau named for P D Grushin, Khimki, Russia. More...

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