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Saturn I RIFT

Saturn C-2 with RIFT
Saturn C-2 with RIFT (Reactor In-Flight Test) Nuclear upper stage
Credit: © Mark Wade
American nuclear orbital launch vehicle. In the first half of the 1960's it was planned to make suborbital tests of nuclear propulsion for upper stages using a Saturn IB first stage to boost a Rover-reactor powered second stage on a suborbital trajectory. The second stage would impact the Atlantic Ocean down range from Cape Canaveral.

Status: Development ended 1961.
Gross mass: 625,000 kg (1,377,000 lb).
Height: 80.00 m (262.00 ft).
Diameter: 6.52 m (21.39 ft).
Thrust: 6,690.00 kN (1,503,970 lbf).

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Saturn I RIFT Chronology

1961 March 30 - . LV Family: Saturn I. Launch Vehicle: Saturn I RIFT.
  • RIFT flight briefed to contractors. - . Nation: USA. Program: NERVA. Summary: Reactor-in-flight-test system (Rift) study, a part of the NASA-AEC program on nuclear rockets, was briefed by contractors at NASA headquarters..

1961 December 7 - . LV Family: Saturn I. Launch Vehicle: Saturn I RIFT.
  • Kiwi B-1A tests completed. - . Nation: USA. Program: NERVA. Power run completed the test series on the Kiwi B-1A reactor system being conducted at the Nevada Test Site by AEC's Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Fourth in a series of test reactors in the joint AEC-NASA nuclear rocket propulsion program, Kiwi B-1A was disassembled for examination at the conclusion of the test runs.

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