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Scout II TV

American test vehicle. Single stage vehicle.

Failures: 1. First Fail Date: 1992-03-18. Last Fail Date: 1992-03-18.

Gross mass: 17,000 kg (37,000 lb).
Height: 9.00 m (29.50 ft).
Diameter: 1.14 m (3.74 ft).
Thrust: 590.00 kN (132,630 lbf).
Apogee: 50 km (31 mi).
First Launch: 1992.03.18.
Number: 1 .

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Associated Countries
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  • Scout Solid-fuel, light payload, lower-cost launch vehicle developed by the Air Force and NASA in the late 1950's and used in a variety of configurations over thirty years. Launched from Cape Canaveral, Vandenberg, Wallops Island, and from Italy's equatorial San Marco platform off Kenya. Italy studied but did not develop subsequent upgraded versions. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Vought American manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. Vought, USA. More...

Associated Launch Sites
  • Salto di Quirra Salto di Quirra, in southeast Sardinia near the town of Perdas de Fogu, is an inter-service missile test center operated by the Italian Air Force. It also supports sounding rocket launches and test of larger rockets in support of Italy's abandoned ballistic missile and on-and-of satellite launcher programs. More...

Associated Stages
  • Scout II TV-1 Solid rocket stage. 590.00 kN (132,637 lbf) thrust. Mass 17,300 kg (38,140 lb). More...

Scout II TV Chronology

1992 March 18 - . Launch Site: Salto di Quirra. Launch Complex: Salto di Quirra SL. Launch Pad: SL?. LV Family: Scout. Launch Vehicle: Scout II TV. FAILURE: Failure.
  • Test mission - . Nation: Italy. Agency: ASI. Apogee: 1.00 km (0.60 mi).

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