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Russian intermediate range ballistic missile. Soviet medium range ballistic missile, flown once but cancelled after being outlowed by INF Treaty.

Skorost was a Nadiradze project for a solid propellant ballistic missile with a 4000 km range. Development began in 1982, with the objective of providing an inexpensive missile that could deliver both nuclear and conventional warheads for either the Strategic Rocket Forces or the Red Army deployed in Europe. It would use a common guidance system designed by Pilyugin. The first test launch was made on 1 May 1987 from Kapustin Yar. The project was cancelled only six days later, on 7 March 1987, since the INF Treaty prohibited future deployment of such systems.

Guidance contractor: Pilyugin.

Status: Cancelled 1987.

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  • Nadiradze Russian manufacturer of rocket engines and rockets. Nadiradze, Russia. More...

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