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American sounding rocket. Series of commercial suborbital rockets marketed by Up Industries. Data given is for first-launched prototype.

Up Industries marketed launches from Spaceport America in New Mexico for commercial / scientific microgravity research, in-space payload release, meteorological research, atmospheric studies, and university space-launch programs (click here for more regarding educational opportunities. Their turnkey service included complete on-land recovery of experiments and data. Launches were offered for 'hundreds of dollars' and it was said that 16 launches had been booked through the end of 2007.

Payload: 9.00 kg (19.80 lb) to a 130 km altitude. Failures: 2. Success Rate: 0.00%. First Fail Date: 2006-09-25. Last Fail Date: 2007-04-28. Launch data is: continuing.

Status: Active.
Payload: 9.00 kg (19.80 lb).
Height: 4.88 m (16.01 ft).
Diameter: 0.22 m (0.71 ft).
Apogee: 130 km (80 mi).
First Launch: 2006.09.25.
Last Launch: 2007.04.28.
Number: 2 .

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