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Super Chief II

American sounding rocket. Two stage vehicle consisting of 1 x Talos + 1 x Castor

Status: Retired 1974.
Gross mass: 4,700 kg (10,300 lb).
Height: 14.70 m (48.20 ft).
Diameter: 0.76 m (2.49 ft).
Thrust: 516.00 kN (116,001 lbf).
Apogee: 300 km (180 mi).
First Launch: 1974.03.17.
Last Launch: 1974.07.24.
Number: 2 .

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Associated Countries
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  • Super Chief Series of large sounding rockets developed by Aerojet Space Data using the Talos booster, various upper stages, and Astrobee electronics. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Aerojet American manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Aerojet, Sacramento, CA, USA. More...

Associated Launch Sites
  • Wallops Island Small NASA launch site for sounding rocket launches and occasional Scout launches to orbit. Air launches are conducted from the Drop Zone Wallops Island, 37.00 N 72.0 W. With the last orbital launch in 1985 and the decline in sounding rocket launches, Wallops fell into near-disuse as a launch center. Its fortunes revised with the establishment of Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in 2005 and orbital launches resumed in 2010. More...

Associated Stages
  • Castor 1 Solid propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 3,852/535 kg. Thrust 286.00 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 247 seconds. More...
  • Talos-1 Solid propellant rocket stage. Loaded mass 1,500 kg. Thrust 516.00 kN. The Talos motor was fitted with a conical adapter for mating to the second stage. Differential drag forces caused separation. Four fins were arranged at the aft end in a cruciform configuration and drove the vehicle to approximately one revolution per second burnout roll rate. More...

Super Chief II Chronology

1974 March 17 - . 19:02 GMT - . Launch Site: Wallops Island. LV Family: Super Chief. Launch Vehicle: Super Chief II.
  • Extreme ultraviolet Airglow Aeronomy mission - . Nation: USA. Agency: NRL. Apogee: 300 km (180 mi).

1974 July 24 - . 03:08 GMT - . Launch Site: Wallops Island. Launch Vehicle: Super Chief II.
  • - . Nation: USA. Apogee: 0 km ( mi).

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