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First test rocket in the series leading to French IRBM's. The VE 9 instrumented warhead was boosted twice in 1960 and 1961 by a SEPR 732, motor, 55 cm in diameter. his had been developed as the booster for the SE.4400 Surface-to-Air Missile and was the most powerful French solid propellant motor available at that time.

Payload: 360 kg (790 lb) to a 6 km altitude.

Payload: 360 kg (790 lb).
Apogee: 6.00 km (3.70 mi).

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  • VE Series of Experimental Vehicles (VE's), each named after precious stones, leading to the MSBS/SSBS solid propellant missiles that made up the French nuclear deterrent. More...

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  • SEREB French manufacturer of rocket engines and rockets. SEREB, France. More...

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