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Belarusian agency. Belarus Space Agency, Belarus.

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BNAS Chronology

2006 July 26 - . 19:43 GMT - . Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC109. Launch Pad: LC109/95. LV Family: R-36M. Launch Vehicle: Dnepr. LV Configuration: Dnepr 804 (4502973804). FAILURE: First stage engine failed. Failed Stage: 1.
  • BelKA, Baumanets, Unisat 4, PicPot, and 9 nanosats - . Mass: 360 kg (790 lb). Nation: Belarus. Agency: BNAS. Manufacturer: Korolev. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. COSPAR: F20060726. Summary: Payload consisted of 19 nanosats from academic institutions: BelKA; Baumanets; Unisat-4; PICPOT; ICECube-1; ION; RINCON; AeroCube-1; CalPoly CP1; SEEDS; nCube-1; HAUSAT-1; MEROPE; CalPoly CP2; KUTESat; SACRED; Voyager; ICECube 3.

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