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American manufacturer of spacecraft. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Location: Boulder, Colorado.

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  • SME American solar satellite. One launch, 1981.10.06. The Solar Mesosphere Explorer satellite was developed to investigate the processes that create and destroy ozone in the Earth's upper atmosphere. More...
  • SNOE American technology satellite. One launch, 1998.02.26. More...

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Associated Programs
  • STEDI The small STEDI (Student Explorer Demonstration Initiative) program was also known as the University Explorer (UNEX) series. First launch was the HETE astronomy satellite built by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This was followed by SNOE, the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer, built by the University of Colorado. More...

Colorado Chronology

1998 February 26 - . 07:07 GMT - . Launch Site: Point Arguello WADZ. Launch Pad: 36.0 N x 123.0 W. Launch Platform: L-1011. LV Family: Pegasus. Launch Vehicle: Pegasus XL. LV Configuration: Pegasus XL F20.
  • SNOE - . Nation: USA. Agency: NASA Greenbelt. Manufacturer: Colorado. Program: STEDI. Class: Earth. Type: Seismology satellite. Spacecraft: SNOE. Decay Date: 2003-12-13 . USAF Sat Cat: 25233 . COSPAR: 1998-012A. Apogee: 581 km (361 mi). Perigee: 529 km (328 mi). Inclination: 97.7000 deg. Period: 95.80 min. Summary: SNOE, the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer. Small satellite built by the University of Colorado to measure the Nitric Oxide density as a function of altitude. First satellite in the STEDI (Student Explorer Demonstration Initiative) program..

2004 December 21 - . 21:50 GMT - . Launch Site: Cape Canaveral. Launch Complex: Cape Canaveral LC37B. Launch Pad: SLC37B. LV Family: Delta IV. Launch Vehicle: Delta IV Heavy. LV Configuration: Delta 4H/4050H.
  • 3CSat 2 Ralphie - . Payload: Nanosat 2. Mass: 15 kg (33 lb). Nation: USA. Agency: USAF. Manufacturer: Colorado. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. Spacecraft: 3CSat. COSPAR: 2004-050x.

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