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East Windsor

American manufacturer. East Windsor, East Windsor, New Jersey, USA.

The Astro Electronics Division of RCA was formed in 1958 and was responsible for the first American space communications payload, the SCORE, launched the same year. In 1986 General Electric purchased RCA and Astro Electronics was renamed GE Astro Space. In 1993 the unit was sold to Martin Marietta. Martin Marietta in turn merged with Lockheed in 1995. Following the merger Lockheed Martin announced the closure of the New Jersey facility and the consolidation of all of the merged corporation's satellite operations to Sunnyvale, California. The New Jersey facility closed in 1998 after completing pending orders, but production of the AS 2100 communications satellite bus continued at Sunnyvale.

AKA: RCA Astro Electronics (1958-1986); GE Astro Space (1986-1993); Martin Marietta Astro Space (1993-1996); Lockheed Martin (1996-1998).
Location: East Windsor, New Jersey.

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