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American manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft. EER Systems Inc. , USA

Originally formed in 1979 to provide Landsat image enhancement services. Acquired Space Services Inc in 1991 after collapse of the commercial Conestoga launcher project.

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Associated Spacecraft
  • Meteor (USA) American earth weather satellite. One launch, 1995.10.23, Meteor RV. Meteor commercial microgravity recoverable spacecraft built by EER Systems. Destroyed in failure of first test flight of Conestoga commercial launch vehicle. More...

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Associated Launch Vehicles
  • EER Aries American low cost orbital launch vehicle. Aries launched to promote a commercial launch vehicle of entirely different configuration. More...
  • Conestoga 1620 American all-solid orbital launch vehicle. Four stage vehicle consisting of 4 x Castor 4B + 2 x Castor 4B + 1 x Castor 4B + 1 x Star 48V More...

EER Chronology

1995 October 23 - . 22:03 GMT - . Launch Site: Wallops Island. Launch Complex: Wallops Island LA0A. LV Family: Conestoga. Launch Vehicle: Conestoga 1620. LV Configuration: Conestoga 1620 F1. FAILURE: Noise in guidance system led to excessive steering of one of the booster motors and finally depletion of the motor's hydraulic fluid. The vehicle went out of control at T+46 seconds.. Failed Stage: G.
  • Meteor - . Nation: USA. Agency: EER. Apogee: 10 km (6 mi). At T+44.4 seconds the vehicle started a turn to the south and pitched down. The ISDS destruct system commanded the destruct packages at T+46.202 seconds. The ISDS failed to operate on two Castor 4 stage 1 motors but operated on the other four. At T+47.67 sec the ISDS destroyed a non-burning Castor 4B motor. The third stage Castor 4B and fourth stage Star 48 were not destroyed and impacted in the ocean. Cause of the failure was identified as the flight control system attempting to respond to noise being received on a data line, resulting in early depletion of hydraulic control steering fluid on stage 1 motor 6.

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