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American manufacturer of rocket engines. Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (now LMMS), USA.

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  • HYSR LMSS Lox/Solid hybrid rocket engine. 270 kN. More...

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LMSC Chronology

1995 August 15 - . 22:30 GMT - . Launch Site: Vandenberg. Launch Complex: Vandenberg SLC6. LV Family: Athena. Launch Vehicle: Athena-1. LV Configuration: LLV-1 DLV. FAILURE: Destroyed by range safety 160 sec into flight after failure of thrust vector control system.. Failed Stage: 2.
  • GemStar 1 (VitaSat) - . Payload: Gemstar DSS-1. Mass: 113 kg (249 lb). Nation: USA. Agency: LMSC. Class: Communications. Type: Civilian communications satellite. Spacecraft: GemStar. Decay Date: 1995-08-15 . COSPAR: F950815A. Summary: Global Electronic Messaging Satellite;..

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