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Norsk Romsenter

Norwegian agency. Norsk Romsenter, Norway.

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  • Agency Agencies or institutions overseeing design, development, construction, or operation of space-related systems. More...

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  • SvalRak Sounding rocket launch site, known to have been used for 41 launches from 1997 to 2004, reaching up to 1108 kilometers altitude. This launch site, on the arctic archipelago Svalbard, provides unique conditions for rocket studies of the dayside polar cusp, cleft and cap. The site is ideal for scientific exploration of the dayside aurora and processes in the magnetospheric boundary layer. More...

Norsk Romsenter Chronology

2005 October 27 - . 06:52 GMT - . Launch Site: Plesetsk. Launch Complex: Plesetsk LC132/1. LV Family: Kosmos 3. Launch Vehicle: Kosmos 11K65M. LV Configuration: Kosmos 11K65M 104.
  • NCube-2 - . Mass: 1.00 kg (2.20 lb). Nation: Norway. Agency: Norsk Romsenter. Class: Communications. Type: Civilian communications satellite. Spacecraft: Cubesat. USAF Sat Cat: 28898 . COSPAR: 2005-043G. Apogee: 712 km (442 mi). Perigee: 684 km (425 mi). Inclination: 98.2000 deg. Period: 98.70 min. Summary: Norwegian cubesat. Evidently was released from SSETI Express but no signal received..

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