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American agency. QuakeFinder, USA.

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QuakeFinder Chronology

2003 June 30 - . Launch Site: Plesetsk. Launch Complex: Plesetsk LC133/3. LV Family: UR-100N. Launch Vehicle: Rokot. LV Configuration: Rokot / Briz-KM.
  • Quakesat - . Mass: 3.00 kg (6.60 lb). Nation: USA. Agency: QuakeFinder. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. Spacecraft: Cubesat. USAF Sat Cat: 27845 . COSPAR: 2003-031F. Apogee: 834 km (518 mi). Perigee: 820 km (500 mi). Inclination: 98.7000 deg. Period: 101.40 min. Summary: The Stanford University/Quakesat LLC Quakesat was to be used for detection of ELF radio emissions from seismic activity..

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