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Pakistani manufacturer of spacecraft. Pakistan, Pakistan.

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  • Badr Pakistani communications technology satellite. 3 launches, 1990.07.16 (Badr-A) to 2008.07.07 (Badr B). Pakistani experimental series with a variety of payloads. More...
  • PROBA European earth land resources satellite. One launch, 2001.10.22. Proba (PRoject for On-Board Autonomy, 1) was a European Space Agency technology development minisatellite with a mass of 94 kg. More...

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SIL Chronology

2001 December 10 - . 17:18 GMT - . Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC45/1. LV Family: Zenit. Launch Vehicle: Zenit-2. LV Configuration: Zenit-2 19L (1381573091).
  • Badr B - . Mass: 70 kg (154 lb). Nation: Pakistan. Agency: RAKA. Manufacturer: SIL. Class: Surveillance. Type: Military surveillance satellite. Spacecraft: Badr. USAF Sat Cat: 27003 . COSPAR: 2001-056C. Apogee: 1,014 km (630 mi). Perigee: 985 km (612 mi). Inclination: 99.2000 deg. Period: 105.10 min. Summary: Badr B was Pakistan's second satellite. Built in collaboration with the English company SIL, it had a mass of 70 kg and carried an Earth imager..

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