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Space Adentures

Space Adentures.

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  • DSE-Alpha Russian manned lunar flyby spacecraft. Study 2005. Potential commercial circumlunar manned flights were offered in 2005, using a modified Soyuz spacecraft docked to a Block DM upper stage. More...

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  • Agency Agencies or institutions overseeing design, development, construction, or operation of space-related systems. More...

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  • ISS Finally completed in 2010 after a torturous 25-year development and production process, the International Space Station was originally conceived as the staging post for manned exploration of the solar systrem. Instead, it was seemed to be the death knell of manned spaceflight. More...

Space Adentures Chronology

2005 October 1 - . 03:54 GMT - . Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC1. LV Family: R-7. Launch Vehicle: Soyuz FG. LV Configuration: Soyuz-FG Zh15000-017 / ISS-11S.
  • Soyuz TMA-7 - . Call Sign: Rassvet. Crew: Tokarev; McArthur; Olsen. Return Crew: Tokarev; McArthur; Pontes. Payload: Soyuz TMA s/n 217. Mass: 7,250 kg (15,980 lb). Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Tokarev; McArthur; Olsen; Pontes. Agency: RAKA; NASA; Space Adentures. Manufacturer: Korolev. Program: ISS. Class: Manned. Type: Manned spacecraft. Flight: ISS EO-11; ISS EO-12; ISS EP-10. Spacecraft: Soyuz TMA. Duration: 189.83 days. Decay Date: 2006-04-08 . USAF Sat Cat: 28877 . COSPAR: 2005-039A. Apogee: 348 km (216 mi). Perigee: 347 km (215 mi). Inclination: 51.6000 deg. Period: 91.50 min. Launch delayed from September 27. Soyuz TMA-7 docked with the International Space Station at 05:27 GMT on 3 October, bringing the long duration EO-12 crew of (McArthur, Commander; Tokarev, Flight Engineer) and space tourist Olsen. McArthur, Tokarev and Pontes (brought to the station aboard Soyuz TMA-8) transferred to TMA-7 on April 8, 2006, closing the hatches at 17:15 GMT and undocking from Zvezda at 20:28 GMT, leaving Vinogradov and Williams from Soyuz TMA-8 as the Expedition 13 in charge of the station. Soyuz TMA-7 fired its engines at 22:58 GMT for the deorbit burn and landed in Kazakhstan at 23:48 GMT.

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