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Japanese agency. USEF, Japan.

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USEF Chronology

2003 October 30 - . 13:43 GMT - . Launch Site: Plesetsk. Launch Complex: Plesetsk LC133/3. LV Family: UR-100N. Launch Vehicle: Rokot. LV Configuration: Rokot 4921921121.
  • Servis-1 - . Mass: 840 kg (1,850 lb). Nation: Japan. Agency: USEF. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. Spacecraft: SERVIS. USAF Sat Cat: 28060 . COSPAR: 2003-050A. Apogee: 1,016 km (631 mi). Perigee: 984 km (611 mi). Inclination: 99.5000 deg. Period: 105.10 min. The mission of the 'Space Environment Reliability Verification of Integrated System' was to flight test a range of commerical-grade spacecraft components including a computer, star tracker, battery, and laser gyro. The objective was to lower the cost of future satellites.

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