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Alsat Chronology

2002 November 28 - . 06:07 GMT - . Launch Site: Plesetsk. Launch Complex: Plesetsk LC132/1. LV Family: Kosmos 3. Launch Vehicle: Kosmos 11K65M. LV Configuration: Kosmos 11K65M 53779-802.
  • ALSAT-1 - . Mass: 80 kg (176 lb). Nation: Algeria. Agency: NCST. Manufacturer: Surrey. Program: Alsat. Class: Surveillance. Type: Civilian surveillance satellite. Spacecraft: MicroSat-100. USAF Sat Cat: 27559 . COSPAR: 2002-054A. Apogee: 745 km (462 mi). Perigee: 681 km (423 mi). Inclination: 98.2000 deg. Period: 99.00 min. Delayed from September 12, October 29. ALSAT 1 was an Algerian imaging minisatellite. The 90-kg satellite was the first part of an international Disaster Monitoring System (DMS) for alerting natural/man-made disasters. ALSAT was built by Surrey Satellite for the CNTS (Centre National des Techniques Spatiales) in Algiers. It carriee a 32-m resolution 3-band imager, a 100 mN resistojet thruster for small orbit corrections, and a GPS receiver. The SSTL Microsat-100 class satellite was a 0.60m cube with a 6m gravity gradient boom. As well as gravity gradient stabilization, it used a momentum wheel to improve stability for imaging.

2010 July 12 - . 03:52 GMT - . Launch Site: Sriharikota. LV Family: PSLV. Launch Vehicle: PSLV CA.
  • Alsat 2A - . Mass: 116 kg (255 lb). Nation: Algeria. Agency: ISRO. Program: Alsat. Class: Surveillance. Type: Surveillance satellite. Spacecraft: Myriade. USAF Sat Cat: 36798 . COSPAR: 2010-035D. Apogee: 674 km (418 mi). Perigee: 672 km (417 mi). Inclination: 98.2000 deg. Period: 98.20 min. Summary: Optical surveillance satellite with 2.5 meter panchromatic resolution and 10 meter in 4 band/multispectral mode..

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