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Liquid Air/Lox/LH2

Liquid air has no advantage as a stored propellant, but in a Liquid Air Cycle Engine (LACE) relatively freely available atmospheric air is scooped up, liquefied, and burned with a fuel in a conventional rocket engine.

Oxidizer: Liquid Air/Lox. Fuel: LH2. Fuel Density: 0.071 g/cc. Fuel Freezing Point: -259 deg C. Fuel Boiling Point: -253 deg C.

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Associated Engines
  • RB545 Rolls Royce air augmented rocket engine. 367.7 kN. Used Liquid Air/Lox/LH2. Development ended 1985. Isp=700s. Used on HOTOL launch vehicle. More...

Associated Stages
  • HOTOL Liquid Air/Lox/LH2 propellant rocket stage. Loaded/empty mass 250,000/50,000 kg. Thrust 1,103.20 kN. Vacuum specific impulse 700 seconds. More...

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