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Davis-Monthan AFB 570-13

Longitude: -111.3181 deg.
Latitude: 32.3592 deg.

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Associated Launch Sites
  • Davis-Monthan AFB Titan 2 ICBM base. Davis-Monthan, a US military base since 1925, was selected in 1960 as the headquarters for a Titan 2 ICBM wing (the 570th). By the end of 1962 18 silos had been built, at the cost of five lives and many injuries. The missiles remained on alert in their silos for nearly twenty years, until the decision was taken to retire them in October 1981. The missiles were removed for refurbishment and use as space launchers. The silos were demolished with explosives beginning 30 November 1983. One silo was preserved as the Titan Missile Museum. More...

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