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Fort Yukon

Sounding rocket launch location known to have been used for 1 launch in 1984, reaching up to 500 kilometers altitude.

Location: Alaska.
Longitude: -145.1972 deg.
Latitude: 66.5623 deg.

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  • Terrier Standard US Navy surface-to-air missile developed during the 1950's. Modified single stage Navy Terrier missiles were used as sounding rockets, sometimes supplemented with upper stages. More...

Associated Launch Vehicles
  • Terrier Malemute American sounding rocket. The Terrier-Malemute launch vehicle was a high performance two-stage vehicle used for payloads weighing less than 180 kg, generally used for relatively lightweight plasma physics payloads. Payload 90 kg to 650 km or 180 kg to 420 km. More...

Fort Yukon Chronology

1984 February 7 - . 09:10 GMT - . Launch Site: Fort Yukon. LV Family: Terrier. Launch Vehicle: Terrier Malemute. LV Configuration: Terrier Malemute NASA 29.21UE.
  • Plasma mission - . Nation: USA. Agency: NASA. Apogee: 500 km (310 mi).

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