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Kronogard J

Arcas launch complex. Jokkmokk (Vidsel)

Longitude: 19.2767 deg.
Latitude: 66.4147 deg.
First Launch: 1961.08.14.
Number: 1 .

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Associated Launch Vehicles
  • Arcas American sounding rocket. The Arcas (All-Purpose Rocket for Collecting Atmospheric Soundings) was developed by the Atlantic Research Corporation for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) with the support of the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics and the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories. Primarily a meteorological rocket, the Arcas was first fired in July 1959. The single-stage version was designed to lift 5.4 kg to 64 km. For more demanding missions, several versions of boosted Arcas were developed, as well as a stretched Super Arcas motor. More...

Kronogard J Chronology

1961 August 14 - . 21:05 GMT - . Launch Site: Kronogard. Launch Complex: Kronogard J. LV Family: Arcas. Launch Vehicle: Arcas. LV Configuration: Arcas K61-1.
  • Aeronomy mission - . Nation: Sweden. Apogee: 91 km (56 mi).

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