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Sounding rocket launch location known to have been used for 1 launch in 1973, reaching up to 180 kilometers altitude.

Location: Dakhlet Nouadhibou.
Longitude: -17.0315 deg.
Latitude: 20.9286 deg.

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  • Aerobee In late 1945 James Van Allen was assigned by John Hopkins University to survey sounding rocket requirements for upper atmosphere research. The V-2 was found to be too heavy and complex. In 1946 Van Allen decided that what was needed was a small rocket, derived from the Aerojet Wac Corporal and the Bumblebee missile developed under a US Navy program. This combination of an Aerojet booster and a Bumblebee second stage was dubbed the Aerobee. More...

Associated Launch Vehicles
  • Aerobee 170 American sounding rocket. Two stage sounding rocket consisting of a solid Nike booster paired with an Aerobee 150 liquid-propellant second stage. More...

Nouadhibou Chronology

1973 June 30 - . 10:33 GMT - . Launch Site: Nouadhibou. LV Family: Aerobee. Launch Vehicle: Aerobee 170. LV Configuration: Aerobee 170 KP3.41.
  • Coronal spectrograph Solar ultraviolet / eclipse mission - . Nation: USA. Agency: KPNO. Apogee: 180 km (110 mi).

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