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Poker Flat LC3

Terrier, Hawk, Black Brant launch complex. AML 20K launcher, Pad 3

Longitude: -147.4851 deg.
Latitude: 65.1299 deg.
First Launch: 2000.02.25.
Last Launch: 2005.03.15.
Number: 3 .

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Associated Launch Vehicles
  • Black Brant 12 Canadian sounding rocket. The Black Brant XII rocket system was a four stage system used primarily to carry a variety of payloads to high altitudes. Its development is a spin-off of the Black Brant X development. Four stage vehicle consisting of 1 x Talos + 1 x Taurus + 1 x Black Brant VB + 1 x Nihka. Payload 136 kg to 1,500 km or 522 kg to 500 km. More...
  • Improved Orion American sounding rocket. Unguided solid propellant single stage rocket using a military surplus M112 Hawk rocket motor. The motor was a dual thrust burner with a boost phase of 5 seconds and a sustainer phase of approximately 21 seconds. The rocket accelerated the payload then for 26 seconds with peak acceleration during the boost phase of 21g. A payload mass of 100 kg could be carried to an apogee of approximately 110 km. More...

Associated Launch Sites
  • Poker Flat Sounding rocket launch site. In use from 1969 to present. Poker Flat Rocket Range (PFRR) contains five major launch pads. Pads 1 and 2 each have a 7.5K launcher, pads 3 and 4 each contain 20K MRL launchers, and pad 5 contains a 4K twin boom launcher. Pad 3 is equipped with a moveable launcher enclosure which can be used to protect a rocket on pad 3 and workers from the severe winter weather. More...

Poker Flat LC3 Chronology

2000 February 25 - . 07:45 GMT - . Launch Site: Poker Flat. Launch Complex: Poker Flat LC3. LV Family: Black Brant. Launch Vehicle: Black Brant 12. LV Configuration: Black Brant XII NASA 40.08UE.
  • Auroral mission - . Nation: USA. Agency: NASA. Apogee: 1,170 km (720 mi).

2003 March 25 - . 10:09 GMT - . Launch Site: Poker Flat. Launch Complex: Poker Flat LC3. LV Family: Terrier. Launch Vehicle: Terrier Orion Improved. LV Configuration: Terrier Improved Orion NASA 41.034UE.
  • HEX V Aurora / chemical release mission - . Nation: USA. Agency: NASA Greenbelt. Apogee: 180 km (110 mi).

2005 March 15 - . 05:45 GMT - . Launch Site: Poker Flat. Launch Complex: Poker Flat LC3. LV Family: Hawk. Launch Vehicle: Improved Orion. LV Configuration: Improved Orion NASA 30.58UE.
  • DUST Aeronomy / dust mission - . Nation: USA. Agency: NASA. Apogee: 105 km (65 mi).

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