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North Korean space launch site, on the west coast, designed for launch direct south into a polar orbit or test of intermediate or intercontinental range missiles into trajectories that do not fly over Japan. The site consists of two primary launch pads, a launch control center, fuel farms, storage warehouses, and other support facilities. The northern pad was operational in April 2012. The second, southern pad, was still under construction at that time.

In the NOTAM (notice to airmen) issued by North Korea on 19 March 2012, the impact zones of the first and second stages were given as 480 km and 2500 km directly south of the launch site.

Credit: © Mark Wade
Launch trajectory from Tongchang-ri based on North Korean announced impact zones and control room displays seen during press visit on 9 April 2012.
Credit: © Mark Wade

Location: Tongchang-ri North Pad.
Longitude: 124.705693 deg.
Latitude: 39.659591 deg.

Location: Tongchang-ri South Pad.
Longitude: 124.714088 deg.
Latitude: 39.65283 deg.

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