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Vostochniy, Russia's new cosmodrome, was to be constructed at the missile base of Uglegorsk, population 5135, not far from the Svobodniy Cosmodrome. The site would include a modern residential town to accomodate the tens of thousands of workers at the cosmodrome. The space center would be designed to handle the Angara rocket family.

Nikolai Sevastyanov, former head of RKK Energia, was placed in charge of development of the cosmodrome on 14 January 2008. Design was to be completed by June 2011. Construction would involve 25,000 workers and cost $ 7.9 billion. By 2015 the capability to launch boosters as large as the Angara versions 5, with payloads of up to 40 metric tons, was expected. Manned launches of the new generation manned spacecraft using Angara were planned to begin in 2018. It was planned to completely replace Russian launch activity at Baikonur by 2050.

Minimum Inclination: 50.0 degrees. Maximum Inclination: 110.0 degrees.

Location: Uglegorsk.
Longitude: 128.2322 deg.
Latitude: 51.8053 deg.

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