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TsPK-1 astronaut group, 1960

Part of Astronaut Selection Groups
Requirement: pilot astronauts for the Vostok program.

AKA: TsPK-1. Date: 1960.

More at: TsPK-1 astronaut group, 1960.


Belyayev Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1970.

Komarov Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1967. First person to die during spaceflight when the parachute lines of Soyuz 1 tangled and it crashed to earth. Cosmonaut training March 1960 - 3 April 1961. Call sign: Rubin (Ruby).

Nikolayev Chuvash-Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1982. First person to fly more than one day in space. Married Valentina Tereshkova, and fathered first child born to parents that had both flown in space.

Filatyev Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1963.

Popovich Ukrainian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1982. Commander of first military space station mission.

Zaikin Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1969.

Kartashov Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1961.

Anikeyev Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1963. Left with Filatyev and Nelyubov after alcohol incident. After discharge, again served as Air Force pilot and then navigation officer for ground control services of the Soviet Air Force.

Khrunov Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1980. Member of first crew to transfer between spacecraft.

Rafikov Tatar-Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1962.

Gagarin Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1968. First person in space. Due to his fame, the Soviet leadership did not want to risk him on another flight, but later relented. Died in a 1968 MiG trainer crash while requalifying for flight status.

Nelyubov Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1963. Discharged with Anikeyev and Filatyev after alcohol incident. Returned to Air Force duties in Siberia, underwent increasing depression, killed in 1966 when hit by a train.

Leonov Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1982. Cancelled missions included command of first Soviet circumlunar flight in 1969 and first military space station mission in 1973.

Bykovsky Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1982.

Varlamov Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1961. Left team after fracturing a vertebra in a diving accident in July 1960. Worked in the Soviet space program as a flight instructor for new cosmonauts within the TsPK.

Gorbatko Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1982.

Volynov Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1990.

Shonin Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1979.

Titov Russian pilot cosmonaut 1960-1970. Second person in orbit. Youngest person in space. Left cosmonaut team for brilliant career in the space forces after deciding his future spaceflight prospects were nil.

Bondarenko Ukrainian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1961. Killed in a fire in a spacecraft simulator run using a pure oxygen atmosphere. His death had a profound effect on future design of Soviet spacecraft.

Family: Cosmonaut.

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