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Kartukov, Ivan Ivanovich
Russian chief designer. Chief Designer of KB-2 of Factory 81. Specialized in solid-propellant engines for spacecraft.

Born: 1904-10-27. Died: 1991-06-22.

Kartukov was born on 27 (13) October, 1904 in Orel in a simple workerís family. At the age of 11 he was employed by the Ammunition factory of Orel as a mechanic`s assistant. At the age of 17, due to the shutdown of the factory he was employed by the 1st Proletarian Machine building Factory. After a year he had to go to work as a loader at Orel station of Moscow-Kursk railway. In 1920 he volunteered to the Red Army. At the end of the cavalry courses Ivan Ivanovich was sent to a special purpose flying squadron of Orel-Vitebsk Railway. After the squadron was discontinued he was employed as a mechanic at the Machine building Factory named after Medvedev. In 1926 he was sent to study at the workers' faculty in Leningrad, and right upon graduation he was sent to Moscow to study at the Bauman Moscow State Technical School. He combined studies at the mechanical faculty of the Bauman Moscow State Technical School with his work as an air weaponry engineer in the Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics and the Ilyushin experimental design bureau. He was a perfect specialist when he came to work at the well-known aircraft factory Number 39 named after V.R.Menzinsky. In 1937 he left his post as head of the military brigade in the Central Design Bureau named after S.V. Ilyushin and on the recommendation of S.V. Ilyushin and A.N.Tupolev he was appointed as air weaponry chief designer of the recently established specialized experimental design bureau of factory Number 145 named after S.M.Kirov. There Ivan Ivanovich worked on the development and production of special airplane weaponry: aircraft gas sprayers, functional chemical devices and also dispensers for aircraft bombs of small and medium-size caliber. On September 21 by I.V.Stalinís decree I.I.Kartukov among the best 25 specialists of aircraft industry was conferred a Doctor of Science degree without defending a thesis. In October 1941 factory Number 145 was evacuated to Kuibyshev (Krasnaya Glinka station). In the summer of 1942 in Bolshevo, Moscow area, on the basis of the labor commune a branch of evacuated factory Number 145 was established. Later a small group of engineers and factory workers was returned to the factory and a year later the experimental design bureau headed by Ivan Ivanovich also moved to the area, which by that time had already been called Factory Number 455 .

In 1946, the experimental design bureau named after I.I.Kartukov moved to a new place which was earlier occupied by the Lavochkin aircraft design bureau. It was situated in Leningradski Prospect, which remains its location up to now. In the early years of the company, Ivan Ivanovich developed and produced firing mechanisms for ejection seats crews, including 3M and M-4 of V.I.Myasischev . In early 1950s, the design bureau began to develop propellant rocket engines for air-to-air, air-to-ground, ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship missiles as well as first-stage engines for antiaircraft missiles . Later on while gaining experience numerous activities aimed at the development of new means of aircraft crew recovery, space vehicles and a soft landing of landers were performed under the guidance of Ivan Ivanovich. Special attention was paid to the creation of gas generators used in submarines emergency recovery and launch systems of aircraft engines. Since then more than 200 types of solid motors and gas generators have been put into service. Many products developed under Ivan Ivanovichís guidance are in service and in operation up to now. Ivan Kartukov - author of more than 50 inventions, twice Commander of the Red Star , was awarded two Orders of Lenin ,the Order of the Badge of Honor , the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, medals "For the Defense of Moscow" and "For Valorous Labor". In 1942 he became Stalin Prize laureate, in 1965 - Lenin prize laureate, and in 1985 he was awarded the State Prize. Ivan Ivanovich worked as chief designer till 1987, and when retired he willingly shared his experience with young professionals. Ivan Ivanovich died on June 22, 1991 and was buried in Troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

Country: Russia. Stages: Kartukov Soyuz SAS, Kartukov Soyuz T - TM SAS 17k, Kartukov Soyuz T - TM SAS 73k, 293-P, Kartukov P-15M, Kartukov LL, Kartukov P-35, Kartukov P-5, Kartukov P-6, PRD-15, PRD-19M, PRD-22, PRD-36, PRD-52, PRD-61, PRD-70, SPRD-15, SPRD-30, SPRD-99. Bibliography: 474.

1904 October 27 - .
1991 June 22 - .

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