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Oberg Corner
Selected articles from James Oberg, the Dean of Space Historians. . .


Oregon Fireball Swarm Amazing misinterpretations of the event of 25 March 2021. (pdf file)

The Great Hawaii Mothership Redux Addition reports of 23 October 2020. (pdf file)

Fireball Swarms Witness Reactions to Fireball Swarms from Satellite Reentries.. (pdf file)

China missile observations James Oberg article from July 23, 2017. (pdf file)

Soviet space war game sparks mass China UFO flap James Oberg, June 18, 1982. (pdf file)

Accidental observation from ISS of Russian missile launch James Oberg, 2013. (pdf file)

The Great Hawaii Mothership James Oberg dissects the UFO event of 24 October 2020. (pdf file)

Tenth Anniversary of the Norway Spiral James Oberg traces the birth and continuing life of an Internet mythology. (pdf file)

Culture and Space Exploration James Oberg's insights into how culture has influenced the Russian and Chinese approaches to space exploration. (pdf file)

The Apollo 11 Mission - Myths and Mythtakes James Oberg catalogues the delusional vs the real events during Apollo 11.

The Moon Race - Down to the Wire! James Oberg's summary of the last hours of the moon race. (pdf file)

Skylab's Untimely Fate James Oberg tells the sad story of how the United States abandoned the largest space station ever built and spent a quarter century trying to regain the capability.

Celebrating Gagarin's Anniversary James Oberg remembers Yuri

Giant UFO Over Two Continents James Oberg's classic piece, reissued on the 20th anniversary of the Soviet rocket launch that sparked UFO panics in Russia and South America

Inside Baikonur James Oberg's account of a visit to the long-secret Baikonur cosmodrome.

Max Faget: Master Builder James Oberg's tribute to the 'American Korolev'. . .

Phantoms of Space James Oberg's classic debunking of all those 'dead cosmonaut' stories.

Russia's Space Program: Running On Empty James Oberg's grim account of the fate of the Russian space program in the mid-1990's.

Soviet Space Secrets James Oberg lists those secrets remaining to be disclosed...

The Nedelin Catastrophe James Oberg's classic account of the greatest disaster in space history.

Trouble In Star City James Oberg's prescient account of the beginning of the end - or the end of the beginning - of the Soviet space industry

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