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Scheufelen, Klaus Eduard
German engineer, V-2 test leader. At end of war headed development of Taifun unguided antiaircraft rocket, characterized as a 'desperation project'. Went to America after the war, working at Fort Bliss. Later returned to Germany and died in Lenningen in 2008.

Born: 1913-10-30. Died: 2008-01-26.

Klaus Scheufelen was born on 30 October 1913 as the son of the paper manufacturer Adolf Scheufelen in Oberlenningen. After attending school, he took up studies in Engineering Sciences (Specialisation Papermaking) at Darmstadt, which he graduatted as an engineer in 1937. With the outbreak of World War II he was drafted into the Wehrmacht. Because of his engineering qualifications he was sent to the Peenemünde Army Research Center in 1942. There he participated in the development of the Wasserfall anti-aircraft rocket and then headed development of the Taifun air defense missile.

From 1945 to 1950 Scheufelen worked in Wernher von Braun's group in the USA. In 1950 he returned to Germany and in the next year took over the management and technical direction of his father's paper mill. In parallel he pursued his education and in 1962 received his doctorate from the Technical University of Munich. After the catastrophic fire of Apollo 1 Scheufelen was commissioned by von Braun to produce flame-retardant paper . This paper was used in subsequent Apollo missions.

In 1984, he resigned from active management of Scheufelen. In addition to directing the paper mill he worked as Chairman of Baresel AG and Neckarhafen Plochingen AG. He was also Chairman of the Board of Maschinenfabrik Ravensburg AG.

In 1952 joined Scheufelen the CDU. From 1958 to 1971 he chaired the CDU Regional Association North-Württemberg. From 1963 to 1970 he served on the CDU Economic Council. He was also a member of the Federal Executive of the CDU. Later, he was appointed Honorary Chairman of the CDU North Württemberg.

Scheufelen belonged to the third generation running the family firm in Lenningen. He was a Protestant, married since 1939 and had one son.

Scheufelen was committed to the interests of displaced persons. As a founding member of the Heimbau Cooperative he ensured that affordable land and apartments were built for the displaced.

Country: Germany. Bibliography: 1980, 394.

1913 October 30 - .
2008 January 26 - .

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