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Shcheulov, Viktor Ivanovich
Russian officer, Deputy Chief Scientific Research Centre of the Ministry of Defense (1982-1983). From 1945, ascending positions in management of rocket development. Moved to space forces in 1961, worked with KIK space tracking network.

Born: 1922.

After July 1983 worked at the Institute of Space Research of the Academy of Sciences.

Country: Russia. Bibliography: 475.

1967 December 8 - .
  • TsKBEM confirms Mishin's decision to cancel Soyuz VI - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Bushuyev, Chelomei, Feoktistov, Gaidukov, Karas, Kerimov, Mishin, Okhapkin, Shcheulov. Program: Almaz. Spacecraft: Almaz OPS, LK-1, Soyuz 7K-S, Soyuz OB-VI, Soyuz VI.

    Mishin is away on 'cure' for his drinking problem. A 'Podlipki Soviet' is held at TsKBEM. The issue is cancellation of Kozlov's 7K-VI military Soyuz. Bushuyev, Chertok, Okhapkin, Feoktistov are in favour of cancelling it. Opposed are Karas, Shcheulov, Kostonin, Gaidukov, and the various military representatives at the meeting. It was now six years since OKB-1 was required to put a military manned spacecraft into space - and, factually speaking, nothing has been done. Military experiments proposed for each manned flight by OKB-1 to date had been rejected on various grounds - no weight, no space aboard the spacecraft. Good progress has been made with Kozlov's VI and Chelomei's Almaz - now they've managed to kill the VI, and Mishin and Kerimov are constantly denigrating Almaz (saying it is too heavy, and unsuited for the purpose). The whole thing is a replay of the LK-1 situation. In 1963, a resolution was issued to send a Soviet man around the moon. Instead, after two years of development, Korolev managed to get Chelomei's LK-1 lunar spacecraft cancelled, and started all over with his own L1. Additional Details: here....

1969 January 26 - . LV Family: N1.
  • In the post-mortems on the N1 after the Apollo 8 mission, MKBS became a key justification for continuing with the N1. - . Related Persons: Mishin, Ryazanskiy, Shcheulov. Spacecraft: Soyuz, MKBS.

    MS Ryazanskiy: Our biggest problem - we think only 2 - 3 years ahead. Are we no longer prepared to create a TOS Heavy orbital station? After 7K-VI need to create a large space stations.
    VI Shcheulov: Creation of a powerful space station on the basis of N1 would offset, to to some extent, the effect of the United States winning the moon race. MKBS would achieve long-duration through rotation of crews. Modification is necessary in parallel with the existing launch vehicle. We must build two new launch facilities allowing simultaneous launches. (It is necessary to assign the task to develop those launch facilities.) Mishin Diaries 2-159)

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