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Aelita satellite
Part of Soyuz
Russian infrared astronomy satellite. Cancelled 1982. The Aelita infrared astronomical telescope spacecraft was derived from the Soyuz manned spacecraft and had an unusually long gestation.

AKA: Aelita. Status: Cancelled 1982. Gross mass: 7,350 kg (16,200 lb).

The basic design was first conceived in 1965 as part of a 'Cloud Space Station' - a primary space station from which a number of man-tended, free-flying spacecraft would operated. This evolved by the early 1970's into the MKBS/MOK space station complex. Various spacecraft with specialized laboratories or instrument sets would fly autonomously away from the huge N1-launched main station. Aelita was originally to be a free-flyer of this complex. The Soyuz propulsion system was used, but the descent and orbital modules were replaced by a large pressurized cylinder containing the scientific instruments.

Work on the instrument payload began in 1972. However that same year the N1 launch vehicle, and the MKBS space station, were cancelled.

The Soviet space program was completely reformulated in a resolution of February 1976, which included authorization to develop the free flyer in conjunction with the DOS-7/DOS-8 space station (which would eventually evolve into Mir). The draft project for Aelita was completed in 1978, and production was authorized together with Mir on 16 February 1979. At this point Aelita may still have included a passive docking port so that the spacecraft could be serviced by Soyuz manned spacecraft. It was planned that at six and twelve months into its one year mission Gamma would be visited by a two-crew Soyuz, who would replace film cassettes and repair or replace instruments. The spacecraft was cancelled in 1982. It's sister spacecraft, the Gamma, continued due to French involvement in the project, and finally flew in 1990.

Family: Astronomy, Infrared astronomy satellite. Country: Russia. Launch Vehicles: R-7. Agency: Korolev bureau. Bibliography: 367, 376, 453.

1969 January 27 - . Launch Vehicle: N1.
1969 May 29 - .
1969 July 30 - . Launch Vehicle: UR-700M.
1971 January 26 - .
1976 February - .
1979 February 16 - .

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