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American manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Aerojet, Sacramento, CA, USA.

Location: Sacramento, CA.

Aerojet was founded in 1942 in Pasadena, California by a small group of California Institute of Technology pioneering rocket scientists led by Dr. Theodore von Karman. These scientists were the inventors of the solid propellant rocket and the leaders in American liquid fuel rocket technology. The company's first products were Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) rocket motors during World War II.

The expansion of military missile and space programs in the 1950s and 1960s resulted in boom times for Aerojet and construction by the company of the Western world's largest site for rocket engine development, testing, and production near Sacramento. In this heady period Aerojet expanded into space electronics, military ordnance, and even naval and computer systems. Only the propulsion, space electronics and ordnance divisions continued into the 1970's and 1980's.

Aerojet was undoubtedly the more innovative of the two leading American rocket engine companies. But as is usually the case, it lost most major space engine competitions to its less innovative but better-connected competitor, Rocketdyne.

In 2001 Aerojet sold its space electronics division, and thereafter acquired competitors in its core rocket propulsion area. These included General Dynamics' Space Systems business in Redmond, Washington, and the propulsion business of Atlantic Research Corporation in Gainesville, Virginia.

Aerojet developed the ultra-reliable storable propellant rocket engines used in the manned Apollo, Space Shuttle, and Orion spacecraft. These never experienced an in-flight failure. Its main engine systems were used in the Titan booster series, but production of these was completed in 2000.

People: Kimball. Country: USA. Engines: 25AL-1000, 25XALD-1000, X35AL-6000, XCALT-6000, 300LR-200, 38ALDW-1500, 40XAL-4000, 40ALD-3000, 21AL-2600, X60ALD-4000, Acid-Aniline 4000 lbf thrust, 30AL-1000, Northrop sled 4000 lbf thrust, XLR13-AJ-7, YLR45AJ-3, 45AL-2600, X45ALD-4000, XLR13-AJ-5, YLR45-AJ-1, XLR53AJ-1, Hustler APU, YLR63AJ-3, LR87-3, LR91-3, AJ10-51, AJ10-138, AJ10-131, AJ10-198, LR87 LH2, LR87-7, LR91-7, Sea Dragon-1 engine, Sea Dragon-2 engine, Truax LH2, AJ23-142, LR91-5, AJ10-196, LR87plus, Aerobee 100 engine, AJ11-21, AJ23-141, AJ60-91, Improved Orion engine, AJ23-143, AJ23-147, LR87-11 AJ23-138, LR91-9, AJ23-127, LR87-9, OME, AJ60-92, AJ23-144, AJ23-145, Transtar, 45LR-35000, AJ10-40, AJ10-101, AJ10-104, AJ10-24, AJ10-34, AJ10-25, AJ11-6, AJ10-137, AJ10-27, AJ10-118, AJ10-118D, AJ10-118E, AJ10-118F, AJ10-118G, AJ10-118H, AJ10-118J, AJ10-118K, Aerobee Jr, Aerobee engine, Aerojet 2, Aerojet 21, Aerojet 445, Aerojet 62, Air Turborocket, AJ-60C, AJ10-28, AJ10-33, Ares engine, Centrojet, JIC, LR87-11, LR91-11, LR87-5, LR87 Alumizine, LH2 2000/3000 lbf thrust, LR16, LR49, LR51, LR56, LR73, M-1, SR105, SR115, SR116, X4-AL-1000, X60AL-1300, X90ALT-60000, XASR-1, XCALR-2000A-1, XCNLT-1500, XLR20AJ-2, XLR24AJ-2. Spacecraft: FIRST Re-Entry Glider, Re-Entry Glider-Six Crew, OV3. Launch Vehicles: JATO, Private, Aerobee RTV-N-8, Aerobee XASR-SC-1, Aerobee RTV-A-1, Aerobee RTV-N-10, Aerobee XASR-SC-2, Aerobee RTV-A-1b, Aerobee RTV-A-1a, Aerobee RTV-A-1c, Aerobee RTV-N-10b, Aerobee RTV-N-10c, Aerobee Hi, Aerobee AJ10-27, Aerobee RTV-N-10a, HJ NIke, Aerobee AJ10-34, Lobber, Aerobee AJ10-25, Aerobee, Aerobee 100, Aerobee 300, Aerobee 75, Aerobee 150, Javelin, Loki, Astrobee 500, Aerobee 150A, Aerobee 300A, Viper Falcon, PWN-10, PWN-8, Astrobee 1500, Astrobee 200, Nike Javelin, Sirocco, Nike Iroquois, Aerobee 350, Javelin 3, HJ Nike Javelin, HJ Nike Hydac, Nike Hydac, Viper-Dart, Super Loki, Viper, Aerobee 150 MI, Aerobee 170, Kangaroo, Aerobee 150 MII, Astrobee D, Aerobee 170B, Aerobee 170A, Astrobee F, Viper 3A, Aerobee 200A, Super Chief I, Super Chief II, Aerobee 200, Sergeant Hydac, PWN-12, Aerobee 150A MII, HJ Hydac, Talos Sergeant Hydac, Talos Castor, HJ Javelin, Space Data LCLV, HPB, Starbird, PWN-11, Prospector sounding rocket. Stages: Aerobee RTV-N-10b-2, Aerobee AJ10-27-2, Aerobee RTV-A-1a-2, Aerobee XASR-SC-2-2, Aerobee 75-1, Able, Aerobee RTV-N-10c-2, Aerobee 100-2, Algol 1, A1P-1, A1P-2, AJ-260-1/3, AJ-260-2, AJ-260X 1/3, Orion engine, AJ-260X, Scanner-1, A2P-1, Aerobee 150A-2, 23KS11000, Alcor 1B, AJ60-92 stage, Javelin 3 engine, Astrobee D engine, Astrobee F engine, Aerobee 350-2, Aerobee 150-2, A3P-1, Able-Star, Aerojet SRB, Alcor, Hydac, M56A-1, Super Loki engine, SICBM2, SR19, SR119, SR73, Viper-25. Bibliography: 8785.

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