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Buran M-44
Part of Buran M
Buran missile
Buran missile
M-42 and M-44 Buran trisonic ramjet missiles were considered in both manned and unmanned versions.
Credit: Khrunichev
Russian manned ramjet-powered research aircraft. Study 1958. Air-launched derivative of the Buran Mach 3 high altitude cruise missile system, proposed for use as an unmanned high speed research vehicle.

AKA: Buran;M-44;RSS-52. Status: Study 1958. Payload: 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). Thrust: 103.90 kN (23,358 lbf). Gross mass: 50,000 kg (110,000 lb). Specific impulse: 1,500 s.

Manned versions were also considered, but the Soviet leadership refused to allow any further work on the Buran concept.

Following cancellation of the ground-launched version of his RSS-40 Buran missile system, Myasishchev continued to pursue use of the M-42 cruise stage in aviation research and space exploration. In 1958 he appealed to both Khrushchev and Minister of Defense of Malinovskiy to support continued development. He now proposed an unmanned, air-launched version for high speed research.

At this time Myasishchev was developing the first Soviet supersonic bomber, the M-50. On the basis of this immense delta-winged vehicle Myasishchev proposed the RSS-52 aerospace vehicle. The RSS-52 would consist of the M-52 carrier aircraft, derived from the M-50. The M-52 would have an enormous recess in its fuselage, within which would be carried the M-44 ramjet. The M-44, designed by G D Dermichev, would be a derivative of the cancelled M-42. The M-52 would enter a circuit 1,000 km from base, accelerate to supersonic speed, and then launch the M-44. The M-44 would accelerate to hypersonic velocity, conduct a high speed run of an overwater circuit, and then splash down in the sea. A radio beacon would allow location and recovery of the craft.

In the United States, the X-15 was being developed to answer analogous questions. Manned versions of the M-42 had been designed, and Myasishchev was hoping for manned flights of his M-52 as well. However due to the expense and technical problems, Myasishchev was unable to convince the leadership to approve the RSS-52.

Crew Size: 1.

Family: Rocketplane, Suborbital. Country: Russia. Launch Vehicles: Buran RSS-52. Propellants: Air/Kerosene. Agency: Myasishchev bureau. Bibliography: 192, 474.

1954 May 20 - . Launch Vehicle: Buran M, Burya La-350.
1958 During the Year - . LV Family: Buran M. Launch Vehicle: Buran RSS-52.

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