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Melnikov, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Russian engineer. Deputy Chief Designer 1960-1974 at Korolev design bureau. Specialized in engines, including Blok D.

AKA: KB KhimMash;KB Melnikov. Born: 1919-09-22. Died: 1996-01-01.

Country: Russia. Engines: 11D446, 11D428, 11D430, 11D431, 11D445, 17D61. Bibliography: 474.

1919 September 22 - .
  • Birth of Mikhail Vasilyevich Melnikov - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Melnikov. Russian engineer. Deputy Chief Designer 1960-1974 at Korolev design bureau. Specialised in engines, including Blok D..

1971 May 17 - .
  • MOK, MKBS, nuclear power supply reviewed. - . Related Persons: Mishin, Okhapkin, Bezverby, Melnikov. Spacecraft: , MKBS, Mir.

    Bezerby VK and Melnikov MV - Materials on the experimental base for EYaRD. Okhapkin SO - About the acceleration of work on blocks R and Sr. Call Karpov AG - On specifications for MKBS-1. The development of the MOK should be conducted in full swing, but testing of individual systems should be conducted on the MKBS-1 (DOS). The main question - how long can a man live in space, and what can he do better than automatic systems? (Mishin Diaries 2-330)

1972 June 30 - .
  • The new operational test philosophy and weaponry for MKBS is elaborated in a note by Mishin. - . Related Persons: Mishin, Melnikov. Spacecraft: , MKBS.

    "Review the possibility of testing and testing of avionics for the spacecraft on the MKBS in real space conditions instead of working in ground conditions with stands and costly ground installations that simulate space flight conditions.
    Review MV Melnikov's materials on the use of electronic and neutron beams for special purposes". (Mishin Diaries 3-65):

1973 October 5 - . LV Family: N1, Proton, R-7.
  • Mishin presents to the Academic Soviet the high-level justification and purpose of MKBS. - . Related Persons: Mishin, Ustinov, Melnikov. Spacecraft: Soyuz, MKBS, Soyuz 7K-S.

    Principal basis for the development of the MOK
    1. Providing solutions in targeted areas of defense, science and the economy as they may change over 10-20 years. Enabling rapid replacement of legacy systems, devices and components by more sophisticated systems without changing the logic of construction of the MOK as a whole and its constituent satellite systems and basic modules.
    2. Solution targets a minimum number of satellite modules using common equipment and apparatus.
    3. Complex solution of defense, economic and scientific problems using MKBS - the main base of the MOK, for logistics and maintenance of a long-term operation and cost-effective transport system.
    4. The modular structure of the MOK. Wide standardization, harmonization of systems, devices, compartments, aggregates. All elements of these systems, devices, units must be maintainable and interchangeable.
    5. Ensuring long-term service life (5-10 years) of the MOK through periodic visits CM astronauts for routine maintenance, based on the MKBS.
    6. MOK should provide the most cost-effective creation of rocket-space tools for addressing the full range of targets, most cost-effective organization of logistics, maintenance and management of the complex in comparison with existing systems. The development of the IOC should be considered as the direction of development of rocket and space technology to solve national problems with the least material costs.
    7. Stages of creation MOK as the development and creation of the necessary special systems.
    And receives the following criticisms:
    1. All elements of MKBS (especially spacecraft based on the 7KS) must have the new layout of systems and equipment, providing repair and replacement.
    2. GP Melnikov - MKBS is necessary, but give priority to modules SM-1 and SM-2 (these are specialized military free-flyers).
    3. You need to rethink the section on handling scientific information.
    4. Do we need to upgrade or add all these launch sites (R-7, UR-500 and N-1) for MOK (especially the UR500K launch complex)? VP Barmin offers not to upgrade the old UR-500 launch complexes, and spend those funds on new complexes (in fact these two additional UR-500 complexes would be the only ones built after the N1 / MKBS cancellation).
    5. You need a special decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU and special funding for construction.
    6. Which launch vehicles to implement the MOK.
    ND Ustinov suggests use of the UR-500 with a fluorine-ammonia upper stage to launch the SNTV direct television broadcasting system (Mishin Diaries 3-104)

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