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Ockels, Wubbo Johannes

Credit: www.spacefacts.de
Dutch physicist payload specialist astronaut 1978-1994. First Dutch astronaut.

Status: Deceased; Active 1978-1994. Born: 1946-03-28. Died: 2014-05-18. Spaceflights: 1 . Total time in space: 7.03 days. Birth Place: Almelo.

Grew up in Groningen, Netherlands. Educated Groningen.

ESA Official Biography

NAME: Prof. Dr. Wubbo Ockels

BIRTHPLACE: Born in Almelo, The Netherlands, on 28 March 1946 but he considers Groningen , The Netherlands , to be his hometown.

MARITAL STATUS: Married, two children

EDUCATION: In 1973 - completed studies in physics and mathematics at K.V.I. in Groningen (Cum Laude). In 1978 received doctorate in physics and mathematics from the University of Groningen

EXPERIENCE: From 1973-1978 - performed experiments concerning gamma-ray decay of nuclear systems dircetly after formation and developed electronical systems and computer software at K.V.I. / Groningen. In 1978 was selected by ESA as one of the Payload Specialists for Spacelab-1. From 1980 to 1983 underwent training as Backup for Spacelab-1 at Johnson Space Center, Houston and Basic Training on the ESA Spacelab Module. In November/December 1983 was a Ground-communicator for the Spacelab-1 mission. Flew in space in October/November 1985 as Payload Specialist on STS-61A / Spacelab D-1, performing over 70 different experiments from 5 science fields aboard the shuttle Challenger.

Professor Dr. Ockels was thereafter stationed at ESTEC (the technical center of ESA in Noordwijk, The Netherlands) to supprt ESA activities for future manned space flights. He was particularly involved in the Columbus programme, Europe's contribution to the International Space Station. Dr. Ockels was nominated by the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands, for a part-time professorship at the Faculty of Aerospace Technology in July 1992. Additionally, he maintained his qualification as an ESA Scientist Astronaut. He was also assigned as Senior Technical Assistant to the Department of Automation and Informatics.

ORGANIZATIONS: Member of the American Physical Society, Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging,Mensa, Association for Space Explorers, Association of European Astronauts.

More at: Ockels.

Family: Astronaut. Country: Netherlands. Flights: STS-61-A. Projects: STS. Agency: ESA. Bibliography: 5847.

1946 March 28 - .
1985 October 30 - . 17:00 GMT - . Launch Site: Cape Canaveral. Launch Complex: Cape Canaveral LC39A. Launch Platform: MLP1. LV Family: Shuttle. Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle.
1985 November 6 - .
2014 May 18 - .

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