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Soyuz VI Flight 1
Part of Almaz Family
Soyuz VI
Soyuz VI
Soyuz VI. Forward view showing Soyuz descent module located ahead of cylindrical orbital work compartment.
The planned first flight of the Soyuz VI combat spacecraft was planned for early 1969, beating America's equivalent Manned Orbiting Lab. The project was cancelled in 1968 in favor of Mishin's OIS (in turn cancelled in 1970) and Chelomei's Almaz stations.

Launched: 1969 Early. Number crew: 2 .

People: Belousov, Popovich, Gubarev, Kolesnikov.

1965 August 1 - .
  • Development of military versions of Voskhod and Soyuz approved. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Krylov, Smirnov, Vershinin. Program: Voskhod. Flight: Soyuz VI Flight 1, Voskhod 3, Voskhod 4, Voskhod 5, Voskhod 6. Spacecraft: Soyuz VI, Voskhod.

    Military-Industrial Commission (VPK) Decree 'On creation of military Voskhod and Soyuz spacecraft' was issued. Eight days later, Kamanin receives the resolution, signed by Marshal Zharkov, countersigned by Smirnov. Krylov, Vershinin, Sudts, and Gorshkov are ordered to immediately begin military space research aboard Voskhod and also develop a special version of the Soyuz spacecraft for visual and photographic military reconnaissance, satellite inspection, interception in orbit, as well as development of nuclear missile early warning systems. This is old hat to Kamanin. Krylov has no interest in military spacecraft, and will not implement the order.

1965 August 24 - .
  • Soyuz-VI program started.. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Kozlov. Flight: Gemini 4, Soyuz VI Flight 1. Spacecraft Bus: Soyuz. Spacecraft: Soyuz VI.

    Central Committee of the Communist Party and Council of Soviet Ministers Decree 'On expansion of military space research and on 7K-VI Zvezda' was issued. In June 1965 Gemini 4 began the first American experiments in military space. At the same time the large military Manned Orbital Laboratory space station was on the verge of being given its final go-ahead. These events caused a bit of a panic among the Soviet military, where the Soyuz-R and Almaz projects were in the very earliest stages of design and would not fly until 1968 at the earliest. VPK head Leonid Smirnov ordered that urgent measures be taken to test manned military techniques in orbit at the earliest possible date. Modifications were to be made to the Voskhod and Soyuz 7K-OK spacecraft to assess the military utility of manned visual and photographic reconnaissance; of inspection of enemy satellites from orbit; attacking enemy spacecraft; and obtaining early warning of nuclear attack. The decree instructed Kozlov to fly by 1967 a military research variant of the Soyuz 7K-OK 11F615.

1965 December 8 - .
  • Soyuz VI - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Gorbatko, Volynov. Flight: Gemini 7, Soyuz VI Flight 1, Voskhod 3. Spacecraft Bus: Soyuz. Spacecraft: Soyuz VI.

    Kamanin meets with an engineering delegation from Kuibyshev. They are seeking a close relationship with the cosmonaut cadre in development of the military reconnaissance version of Soyuz, which they are charged with developing. They have already been working with the IAKM for over a year in establishing he basic requirements. Kamanin finds this refreshing after the arms-length relationship with Korolev's bureau. Meanwhile Gemini 7 orbits above, and there is not the slightest word on the schedule for Volynov-Gorbatko's Voskhod 3 flight, which would surpass the new American record.

1969 Early - .

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