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Official portrait of Astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan
Credit: NASA

First spaceflight to include two women. First American woman to walk in space. First Canadian astronaut. Record crew size aboard a single spacecraft. Deployed Earth Radiation Budget Satellite; performed high resolution Earth imagery.

AKA: Challenger;OSTA-3. Launched: 1984-10-05. Returned: 1984-10-13. Number crew: 7 . Duration: 8.22 days.

Payloads: Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) deployment, Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications (OSTA)-3 experiments, Large Format Camera (LFC). First use of Orbital Refueling System (ORS) with extravehicular activity (EVA) astronauts, IMAX camera. The story that the Soviet Union illuminated the shuttle from the Terra-3 laser complex at Sary Shagan is comprehensively denied by the crew members and knowledgeable members of the US intelligence community.

Orbits of Earth: 132. Distance traveled: 5,527,201 km. Orbiter Liftoff Mass: 110,127 kg. Orbiter Mass at Landing: 91,744 kg. Payload to Orbit: 10,643 kg. Payload Returned: 8,398 kg. Landed at: Runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Landing Speed: 385 kph. Touchdown miss distance: 292 m. Landing Rollout: 3,240 m. EVA: Kathryn Sullivan and David Leestma. EVA duration 3 hours, 29 minutes.

NASA Official Mission Narrative

Mission Name: 41-G (13)
Pad 39-A (25)
13th Shuttle mission
6th Flight OV-99
2nd KSC landing

Robert L. Crippen (4), Commander
Jon A. McBride (1), Pilot
Kathryn D. Sullivan (1), Mission Specialist 1
Sally K. Ride (2), Mission Specialist 2
David C. Leestma (1), Mission Specialist 3
Marc Garneau (1), Payload Specialist 1
Paul D. Scully-Power (1), Payload Specialist 2

OPF - April 18, 1984
VAB - Sept. 8, 1984
PAD - Sept 13, 1984

Mission Objectives:

October 5, 1984, 7:03:00 a.m. EDT. Launch proceeded as scheduled with no delays. Launch Weight: 242,780 lbs
Altitude: 218nm
Inclination: 57.0 degrees
Orbits: 133
Duration: Eight days, five hours, 23 minutes, 33 seconds.
Distance: 3,289,444 miles

SRB: BI-013
ET : 15/LWT-8
MLP : 1
SSME-1: SN-2023
SSME-2: SN-2020
SSME-3: SN-2021

October 13, 1984, 12:26:33 p.m. EDT, Runway 33, Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Rollout distance: 10,633 feet. Rollout time: 59 seconds. Landing Weight: 202,266 lbs.

Mission Highlights:
First flight to include two women, Ride and Sullivan. Sullivan first American woman to walk in space. Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) deployed less than nine hours into flight. Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications-3 (OSTA-3) carried three experiments in payload bay. Components of Orbital Refueling System (ORS) connected, demonstrating it is possible to refuel satellites in orbit. Other Payloads: Large Format Camera (LFC); IMAX Camera, flying for third time; package of Canadian Experiments (CANEX); Auroral Photography Experiment (APE); Radiation Monitoring Equipment (RME); Thermoluminiscent Dosimeter (TLD); and eight Get Away Specials.

More at: STS-41-G.

Family: Manned spaceflight. People: Crippen, Garneau, Leestma, McBride, Ride, Scully-Power, Sullivan. Country: USA. Spacecraft: Challenger. Projects: STS. Launch Sites: Cape Canaveral. Agency: NASA, NASA Houston. Bibliography: 4457.
Photo Gallery

Artists concept of STS 41-G cargo configuration
Credit: NASA

Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan using binoculars for magnified viewing of earth
Credit: NASA

Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan checks SIR-B antenna during EVA
Credit: NASA

Gulf of Antalya, Southern Turkish Coastline
Credit: NASA

1984 October 5 - . 11:03 GMT - . Launch Site: Cape Canaveral. Launch Complex: Cape Canaveral LC39A. Launch Platform: MLP1. LV Family: Shuttle. Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle.
1984 October 6 - .
1984 October 9 - .
1984 October 11 - .
1984 October 11 - .
1984 October 13 - .

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